THROB - The Heart Rehabilitation Organisation of Berkshire

The Committee

THROB welcomes new members and a MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM can be downloaded here.

THROB is also keen to support cardiac rehabilitation initiatives in the community and welcomes applications for support. Should you have a proposal that you consider merits THROB support please use the FUNDING APPLICATION FORM. Will you Please note that applications will need time to be considered and would normally take two months to process.

DONATIONS to THROB should be sent to:
Mr K D Jarvis
13 Bean Oak Road
Berkshire RG40 1RH

Chairman Lynn Warner0795 684 8986
Secretary Wendy Sivyer 01344 890716
Treasurer Keith Jarvis0118 978 5838
Membership David Grant01628 627029
Social Secretary Post vacant
Webmaster Sid Barker01628 625823

Newsletter Lesley Richards 01628 670405
Affiliated to the British Heart Foundation - Charity No 1132434
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